Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a unique technique using cotton thread to remove unwanted facial hair with relatively less pain and precision to give the clean look that can’t be achieved by waxing or tweezing.

  • Waxing tends to burn, peel, and irritate the skin, especially the skin around the eyebrows.
  • Repeated waxing increases the chances of wrinkles, especially around the sensitive eye area.
  • Tweezing and razors increase the chances of in-grown hairs and cutting the skin.
  • Waxing, tweezing, and razors all make facial hair grow back thicker and faster.
  • Threading is more precise and the hair grows back thinner and slower; there is also no burning, peeling, or irritation, and is good for getting rid of in-grown hairs. How often one has to get is 2 weeks.


Eyebrows $8
Upper Lip $6
Lower Lip $4
Chin $6
Neck $10
Sides $10
Full Face $30
Full Face w/ Neck $35

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